You know you have a genuine pet sitter when... come home and find no indentation marks on your sofa or chairs, but
find two of them on the dog bed—you only have one large dog.

...pets are greeted first before your spouse, children and you.

...she can only remember you by your pet’s name.

...the very first time you meet your pet sitter, she sits on the floor
instead of a chair to play with your pet(s). Then she apologizes for
ignoring you.

...she has to go to the chiropractor for "tennis elbow" and "housemaid knee"
at the same time.

...she tells you that her second language is "Growls and Yips".

...she doesn’t "do windows", but she "does cat pans".

Phone: 864-834-1313

"Maybe there are some areas where, when we are compared to dogs, we come up short. Being called a 'dog' might not be such a bad thing after all."
– John Stephens