We will follow your pet's routine as closely as possible; feed, walk and play with your pet for about 30 minutes each visit. Other services include:

  • fresh water daily
  • cat pans cleaned daily
  • mail and newspaper collected
  • plants watered

Please note: for new customers we require a 'meet and greet' session with owners and pets well in advance of the actual pet sitting. E-mail us or call us at (864) 834-1313 for an appointment.

We will not take care of animals tied to dog houses or trees, or free to roam the neighborhood.

Additional services available:

  • a NEW paracompany, Pets and People Concierge  (Errands, transporting people and pets to vets, doctors and more)  News soon.
  • dog walks
  • overnights are available on a first come, first served basis
  • MyHome Pet Sitting

Rates: start at $17.00 per visit  
Additional animals: $2.00/visit/animal up to two pets

Payment: by check or cash or Pay Pal; payment of half is required before pet sit begins

Phone: 864-834-1313
Email: sharon@caninesncats.com

"'Won't be long' means nothing to a dog. All he knows is that you are GONE."
– Jane Swan