MyHome Pet Sitting

Welcome! Come In – Sit, Stay

Staying in a real home atmosphere – giving you another choice in dog care for small to medium size dogs. Call (864) 834-1313 or email us.

Why Use MyHome Service?

  • Your pet eats their own food.
  • Your pet has their own bedding.
  • Space to run in a fenced-in back yard.
  • Pet is supervised outdoors by service owner.
  • Socialization with other dogs.
  • No cages or kennels.
  • A familiar home atmosphere.

Requirements for a MyHome Service

  • dogs must be non-aggressive
  • dogs must be spayed and neutered
  • dogs must be ‘potty trained’ and not be destructive
  • dogs must be small to medium size, up to 40 pounds
  • dogs must have ID collars and be clean and flea-free (extra cost will incur if pet needs a bath)

Limited space is available for closer interaction with pets – call and book early.

Fees: start at $25.00/day subject to change (a $5.00 nonrefundable reservation deposit is required).