You can learn a lot about people and their likes from just walking into their home.

In the past 15 years, I have had the privilege to go into homes of my clients and pet sit for them.  As I have done this, I become more acquainted with each owner by just looking around the rooms the pets occupy.

For example, I was pet sitting for a few days for a client in Greenville.  An erie feeling that someone was watching came over me.  I felt it whenever I came in the front door and felt it in the sunroom. (I just thought it was the fish in the large tank looking at me wondering how I could breathe “out there”) But I also felt it in the living room, and the hallway,the bathroom and the kitchen.  No one was there except the two Golden Retreivers and the cat.  I brushed the feeling aside and continued to visit and care for the dogs and cat.

Then one day, I was sitting on the steps petting the Goldens and throwing a small ball down the hallway. Looking up, I suddenly saw the monkeys on the wall paper, the monkeys in the bathroom, the monkeys in the pictures, monkey lamps, a monkey holding up the coffee table and they were all looking at me!  No matter where I turned and moved, all the monkey eyes followed me.  Yikes!  I believe this client liked monkeys.  Shortly after that, I got use to it and so every time I’d come to visit, I’d say, “Hi everybody” and then do my pet sitting.

Another client’s home in Taylors gave me a feeling of going to the shore and seeing light houses.  What seemed like a hundred different light houses from different parts of the country, were placed in strategic locations on display for those who visited the home.  The love of light houses and the joy of collecting them was very evident.

No pet sitter could be complete in this area of the country without a client who loves golf.  It is so evident that one only needs a glance.  Many of the homes are first located on or very near a golf course.  Another obvious clue is when you first enter the home;  bronzed golf clubs, golf caps, and pictures may be around.  Then there are the several bags of golf clubs as in a family of golfers or maybe two or three golf bags that belong to one person. I have seen a garage that had almost as many golf clubs, golf shoes, bags, golf balls and caps, as tools for the home. (I was getting my canine friends their dinner at the time).  I know a few people in my extended family who would love to play golf with these clients 😉

Finally, I know you will never guess what I am really “into”.  Dog pictures in the kitchen, in the living area, the bedroom and dog and cat pictures in the office.  A sofa pillow shaped like a bone, dog dishes, dog toys all are scattered about in the living area. I mustn’t forget the dog and cat figurines and figures in my display cases and ceramic dog and cat canisters and mugs in the kitchen.  Oh, and the matching handmade tied dog quilt and pillow, the throw blanket and…