Winter Pet Tips

Be prepared for cold weather.


Short and long-haired dogs with one layered coats need to have a sweater or blanket to keep warm outside. Examples: Yorkies, Shih-Tzu


Double and triple-coated dogs need to have mats in their hair removed for better insulation. Examples: Collies, Huskies


Give your outdoor animals extra food for energy and extra hay or straw for more insulation. These products are better insulators than cedar shavings or blankets. Combine hay and a blanket; it’s great! Bring them inside if the temperature is below freezing.


Bring old and infirm dogs and cats inside in a heated, protective place or use heated beds and pads. Old and crippled animals have lost ability to keep warm and mobile during cold weather.


Feet need to be protected from frost bite. Booties can be purchased. Also check your dogs feet when they come in from the snow and ice. Have old towels handy to wipe feet and check for cuts and bruises.


What about de-icers for the roads and sidewalks? Salt can burn pads and irritate cuts. Also ingestion of salt can make pets very sick. Safe Paws is a de-icer that is safe for animals. Check your pet supply store, your pet catalogs or call us to find the product.


Before you start your car on a cold winter morning, bang on the hood, beep your horn and look under your car first. Cats and other critters love to get into the car parts where it is warm and protected from the elements.


Consider using pet – friendly Sierra antifreeze in your car. Wipe up all spills from your car as these things are poisonous